Date: 2/10/19 12:34 pm
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Subject: [cobirders] Arapahoe, Boulder (Varied Thrush), Denver, El Paso, Larimer (Pine Warbler), Pueblo & Weld Ctys
Hello cobirders,

Arapahoe Cty
Ginny Gergstrom relocated the Rusty Blackbird (Edward Donnan, 10/31) near the Cherry Creek State Park swim beach pond. Eric Dinkel saw the Brown Thrasher (Loch Kilpatrick, 11/16)

Boulder Cty
Ernest Crvich relocated the Varied Thrush (Crvich, 1/24) near Corriente & Bosque Court, Boulder

Denver Cty
Diane Roberts and Joe Chen relocated four Rusty Blackbirds (John Breitsch, 1/1) along the First Creek Trail, south of the 56th avenue bridge

El Paso Cty
Jim Merritt relocated the Field Sparrow (Tonnessen:Merritt, 12/1) at Red Rock Canyon Open Space

Larimer Cty
Charlie Chase and all relocated the Pine Warbler (Nick Komar, 2/6) along the Oakridge Village trail, west of Mcmurray Avenue, Fort Collins

Pueblo Cty
Jim Merritt relocated eleven Black Scoters (Percival, 2/3) at the Pueblo Reservoir Wildlife Area. Al Garner relocated the Glaucous-winged Gull (Tonnessen:Merritt, 2/1)
Jim Merritt relocated two Trumpeter Swans at Valco Ponds (swans moving between Pueblo Reservoir, Valco Ponds & nature center). Merritt also saw the Winter Wren (Christian Nunes, 1/30)

Weld Cty
Ryan Graves found five Sharp-tailed Grouse along CR 117, north of CR 138
Graves saw two Snow Buntings along CR 111, north of CR 128

NOTE: the report of no ebird wintering Loggerhead Shrike sightings in Elbert County may be true; however, there are at least three historical records of wintering Loggerhead Shrike in Elbert Cty

Good birding!

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