Date: 2/10/19 11:51 am
From: Andrew Ferre <af4463...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Black legged gull
Many thanks for the observations and insight Phil. A quick Gsearch lead me
to a quick interesting read on the Olympic Gull (

On Sun, Feb 10, 2019 at 8:28 AM <philliplc...> wrote:

> Hi Andrew,
> This is a 'pinkfoot', most likely an Olympic Gull based
> on bulk/large bill size, the black on the upper primaries
> not showing well on the underside, along with the super
> dense hood which is typical. Some Olympic do have
> fairly dusky gray rather than bright pink legs and feet
> which potentially could look quite dark in flight - in
> particular if you are mostly just seeing the folded feet.
> Also given the location it's possible the lower legs and
> feet could be quite mud stained from use of nearby
> pastures.
> Phil
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> From: "Andrew Ferre"
> To: <obol...>
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> Sent: Saturday February 9 2019 10:32:39PM
> Subject: [obol] Black legged gull
> I am looking for some assistance identifying a gull we observed this
> morning at Nehalem State Park (Tillamook Co) after last night's storm. We
> had plenty of time for observations with multiple fly-bys, despite the poor
> photos. Of note is the black legs, along with a yellow beak, white
> primaries, black wing tips with white tip and dark hood (head and neck).
> However, the hood was not as dark as it appears in the gull02 photo. I am
> very confident in the black legs observation (not a shadow, etc), as we had
> great lighting from over our shoulder and multiple looks. Any help or
> input with the ID would be greatly appreciated.
> Many thanks.
> Andy Ferre'

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