Date: 2/10/19 4:38 am
From: Jeff Tufts <jctufts33...>
Subject: [RV Birds] Burrowing Owl at Agate Lake is no. 161 for Jackson County this year
You've all heard the phrase "fair-weather birder," and you may know a few
who fit the type. Jon Cox of Ashland is definitely not that type. He was
at Agate Lake yesterday afternoon, in the snow, and discovered a Burrowing
Owl (barely visible because of the snow) on rocks between the dam and the
feeder canal that empties in the lake's northeast corner.

There was a Burrowing Owl in the oak grove on the east side of the lake
last April. Could this be the same bird ? Possible I guess.

Burrowing Owl was a common breeding species in Jackson County in the 1920s
and 1930, but various forms of human encroachment (construction mainly) has
reduced this species to the status of uncommon visitor.

Jon's report brings our 2019 Jackson County list up to 161. Updated lists
are attached.

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