Date: 2/9/19 1:33 pm
From: Shawn Wainwright <shawneagleeyes1...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Ocean County rarities and other sightings 2-9-19. Lots of great birds seen today!
Let's start off with Manasquan Inlet where the Pacific Loon continues. Also
there was a Red-throated Loon and a Great Cormorant.

Down the street at Gull Island Park were 3 Wood Ducks, 2 Canvasbacks, and a
Common Goldeneye.

In a backyard .8 miles west of Little Silver Lake was a Baltimore Oriole.

Lake of the Lilies hosted 5 Canvasbacks, 3 Northern Shovelers, and 9 Red
heads are back!

Barnegat Light hosted 15 Common Eiders, 15 Harlequin Ducks, all 3 Scoters,
8 Ruddy Turnstones, 3 Red-throated Loons, 3 Great Cormorants, and an
Iceland Gull.

Cloverdale Farm hosted the continuing RB Nuthatch, 8 Gadwalls, Common
Goldeneye, Hairy Woodpecker, Winter Wren, 25 Pine Siskins, Pine Warbler,
and a Purple Finch.

Cedar Run Dock Road hosted a Rough-legged Hawk.

Good birding,
Shawn Wainwright

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