Date: 2/9/19 12:40 pm
From: Frank Hamilton <fhamil06...>
Subject: Ravenous American Goldfinches
I think Goldfinches are a better harbinger of spring than Punxsutawney Phil.  Male goldfinches were seen molting into mating colors in January while ol' Phil was still snoozing.  Even if I didn't see any molting males I would still know winter is about to end because of the increasing number of ravenous goldfinches swarming about my sunflower feeders at all hours of daylight.  The last weekend in January my count was 24.  Last weekend it was 18.  Today, my count is at 19.  I'm about to top off two feeders and hang a third feeder for the little gluttons.  They are my winter delight.

Frank Hamilton
Charleston, SC
(western suburbs)
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