Date: 2/9/19 12:03 pm
From: Meredith Lombard <000000184bf61e22-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Hooded Gull ID? Lancaster County, Susquehanna River
Greetings All

I videoed a hooded gull resting on an ice shelf on the Susquehanna River earlier this week. It's partially hidden by an ice chunk, but I'm hoping someone can correctly ID this gull based on the fact that it had a hood in February, and the visible field marks--the smaller appearance than a ring-billed, the size of the hood, bill shape, and the overlapping black wing tips. It's hard to see, but I don't think the mantle is as dark as a laughing gull. The video link is on Flickr:

You may email me privately or to the forum. Any help is appreciated!

Good birding

Meredith Lombard
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