Date: 2/8/19 7:28 pm
From: Roy Harvey via CTBirds <ctbirds...>
Subject: Re: [CT Birds] Attachments
It is still true that messages on the CTBirds list can not include attachments such as photos.  When such are included the size causes them to be held for review.  This is work for the administrator (me), and delays them at best, but if the message has no meaning without the attachments it will probably be rejected - creating more work explaining this to the originator.  If it is approved and released all the attachments are deleted before it goes out.

Likewise, no fonts, italics, bold, underline or other fancy stuff.  Just plain text.  Anything beyond plain text is removed.  Sometimes these things expand the size of the original so much that even a message without attachments exceeds the size limit, and is held for review. (A REPLY to a Digest message, without removing the text of the digest, is another popular way to make messages too big and get them held for review.)
I can not disagree that this seems obsolete today.  Much of those limits are because CTBirds was built on well established software when I set the list up twelve years ago.  Possibly there are better alternatives today, I really haven't tried to keep up.  Keeping up with the list as it exists has been plenty!
Perhaps I am too close to see the forest for the trees, but I haven't seen the technical limitations of CTBirds particularly impacting its basic mission.  People with photos seem adept these days (not true years ago) at posting images on the web so that a link link to them can go in their message.
Of course there is always room for improvement.  Someone with familiarity with a more up to date and flexible tool, and a volunteering spirit willing to set up and run an improved list, can always propose it to the COA board.  Since I have asked the board to be relieved of my every day duties here they are already looking for a couple of people to take that over, so it might be timely. 

In any case, what makes CTBirds work is not me, or the old tech it runs on.  It is the participants who post their birding sightings, and experiences, and share their knowledge.  I am clearly biased, but I think CTBirds has strengthened the Connecticut birding community, and I am impressed by the community for the way it has constructively used the list.
Sorry if this got a bit long.

Roy HarveyCTBirds admin/administrator  (At least for the moment.  Right Steve?  Chris?)Beacon Falls, CT

On Friday, February 8, 2019, 2:28:25 PM EST, Judd Everhart via CTBirds <ctbirds...> wrote:

Is there still a rule that users cannot send attachments to email messages posted here?
I understand why it may have been necessary some years ago, but it seems obsolete today. I also understand that links to Flikr and other photo sites work well for most.

Just asking. I don’t want to set off a big back-and-forth!

Judd Everhart

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