Date: 2/8/19 4:58 pm
From: David McLean (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Western Grebe and Tufted Duck on Bulls Island
Fri 8 Feb 2019


While conducting the waterfowl/shorebird survey on Bulls Island, Cape
Romain NWR, Charleston Co., S.C., we located two species of particular
interest. On Thursday about 11:00 AM we found a Western Grebe on the front
main beach on Bulls (directly at the end of Beach Road). A brief
description was posted earlier to this listserve about that sighting. We
looked again today about 3:30 PM but did not relocate the Western Grebe

Today, Friday, we found a Tufted Duck in Jack's Creek. I'm willing to
bet my standard wager, i.e., a nickel, that this is the very same
individual Tufted Duck that was resident last winter in Jack's Creek. Today
most of the ducks were closer to the ocean side of Jack's; we were on the
oceanfront dike at Jack's right at the saltwater marsh shorebird roost
looking back into Jack's when the Tufted Duck obligingly swam directly into
scope view. As it did last year it was spending its time in close
association with the other ducks. Description and photos will be posted
with our eBird checklist.

Also participating in the survey were Scott Davis, Linda Montgomery,
Matthew Danihel, and Ellie Jamieson.


David McLean
Charleston, SC

David C. McLean, Jr.
DCMcLean AT gmail DOT com

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