Date: 2/7/19 5:20 pm
From: Phil Keener <000000761ae5c4e1-dmarc-request...>
Subject: WRS Results- Central York West - New Route
County - York

Date - 2/7/19

Observers- Phil and Brett Keener 

Total time actually surveying Hours:Minutes- 1 hr 12 mins

Start time/End time: 1:15 pm / 2:27 pm

Miles on route - 20.6


No Harriers


4  Red-tails


No Rough-legs 


2 Kestrels- 1-M/1-ND
 12 TVs
No  BVs


1 Red-shoulders - 1 A

No Bald Eagles 

Other raptors:1 Sharp-shinned - undetermined, soaring high with TVs. 1 Merlin -  1 Female, age undetermined 
No Shrikes
No other birds of note.Kestrel locations will be entered into e-bird for Hawk Mt Farmland Raptor initiative.Survey route details will be forwarded to Frank Haas- there was no infringement on existing routes. 

 Avg Temp.- 51F
Mostly cloudy

Wind - Light
Avg Snow cover depth - None
Phil KeenerEast BerlinAdams County
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