Date: 2/7/19 9:56 am
From: Spike Selig <spikeselig...>
Subject: [IN-BIRD-L] Need help on Hawk Identification
Below video of a vary dark Red-tail was sitting on power line post just W of where adult light morph Western Red-tail has been hanging out since Nov 10 2018.Note black with Harlan's undersides but has white throat of Eastern and has slight red tint in tail. Send your comments to <spikeselig...>

Yesterday, an adult light morph Western and a second Red-tail were hanging out together1 block S of Red-tail nest I reported on I-bird Monday. I got incredible videos and will post shortly. Birds were wet and though landed in tree100 feet from new nest, neither visited nest. The Light morph Western was in the field when I was driving home. It could be the same bird I got the around the nest video. Good chance there are 2 westerns . Nest Can be seen from CR 700 N. Go S from S from CR 1000 till you pass a brick square column on the right (6'). 100' past brick driveway marker, Look N to left. A large squirrell nest is easly seen. To the right of the nest is a clearing in the tree line that has a creek running through it. The second tree to the right of the clearing has a smaller stick nest that is low and lines up with the top of the Catholic Church building's roof tops
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