Date: 2/6/19 4:16 pm
From: Yong Kong <yklitespeed...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Yong Comment - Re: [JERSEYBI] American Woodcock
Thank you Jeanine for chiming in JBirds. I too had woodcock flight over my
house last night as I was pulling up onto Mary's driveway. But no way I was
going to craw out from under a rock to text or report to JBIrds.
Reason ? With the latest fantastic reports of Pacific Loon at Mana. inlet,
Razorbills down at Avalon, and about that *west coast* warbler at the poop
plant in Trenton, I felt so lame about writing about a woodcock.

Due to inspiration gathered from Jeanine's post, I will share some of my
findings at Atlantic County, although bit late to report. Last Sunday, near
Sahl's farm in Pomona section of the Galloway Township, about 10 min from
the Brig Refuge, I found a sparrow flock of about 40 or more on Odessa
Avenue. It was a mix flock mostly consisting of Savanna and field as far as
I could tell. They flushed from a field to eastern cedar hedge row. Also
several house finches and interesting chip and flight call notes.

Got the scope out then put in back into the truck right away. Reason ? I
was pointing the scope directly towards a house. Through of Pat Sutton's
comment/advise from many years ago, that is do not point the scope or the
bins towards someone's house windows (not her exact words). I drove away
thinking there had to be other interesting sparrows or longspurs in that

Also stopped by the 141 (?) Liepzig Avenue near the Natural Lands Trust Land
property where I found a chipping sparrow flock that I can only estimate
over 50 a few weeks ago. Last Sunday they were gone.

Liepzig Avenue, Cologne Avenue and Herschel Street section of the Galloway
Township section is my best opportunity to find a Shrike, but no dice.

Also, I am having a terrible luck finding a northern red-tailed hawk,
Ipswich sparrow with bling, or the rough-legged hawk in Atlantic County.

There you go. I would not have surfaced if it was not for Jeanine's post.

Yong Kong
Camden County

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Subject: [JERSEYBI] American Woodcock

I just had my first displaying Woodcock of the season tonight. It was at
5:50 pm. Early, but a perfect calm evening for them.

Jeanine Apgar


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