Date: 2/6/19 12:17 pm
From: David Yeany II <dyeany2...>
Subject: Tracking Evening Grosbeak Winter Movements in PA and Beyond
Evening Grosbeaks have been a recent regular winter occurrence in my
hometown of Marienville in Forest County, appearing during 7 of the last 11
years. With a 92% decline since 1970, Evening Grosbeak shows the steepest
decrease among all continental land birds in the U.S. and Canada (Partners
in Flight 2016) with little explanation as to why.

This winter the Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Program (PNHP) at the Western
Pennsylvania Conservancy and the Powdermill Avian Research Center at the
Carnegie Museum of Natural History are collaborating to study winter and
migration movements of Evening Grosbeaks in and around the Allegheny
National Forest. By color-banding and deploying nanotag radio transmitters
on select Evening Grosbeaks, we aim to learn more about this species via
the Motus Wildlife Tracking System and resighting banded birds.

Over the years many birders have enjoyed viewing the grosbeaks in Forest
County. With the current irruption of grosbeaks this winter, birds may be
encountered widely across the state, and we ask that if you observe any
COLOR-BANDED or TAGGED birds, please report them to us!

When you encounter Evening Grosbeaks, especially in western Pennsylvania,
pay particular attention to the legs and take note of any color band
combinations and look for a long thing antenna extending from the back/rump
area for any tagged birds.

Please include date, time, location (address and GPS coordinates), and most
importantly COLOR-BAND combination/ NANOTAG transmitter presence.

Identifying photos of birds are great!

Email observations and photos to <dyeany...>


For anyone wishing to visit the Evening Grosbeaks this winter in


1. Please contact me via phone, text, or email (#814#221#4361 or

<dyeany...>) to arrange a visit, as we are actively conducting
research at the site.

2. Please view birds at the feeding station from the sidewalk near the blue
spruce at the corner of the yard. Please do not enter the yard. Parking may
be available at municipal lot behind the Quick-N-Easy, on-street, or at the
church (if not in use).

3. Finally, please submit an eBird checklist! Share any color-banded
Evening Grosbeaks with me at <dyeany...>

We appreciate any additional observations of Evening Grosbeaks from our
project as we try to learn more about this declining nomad from the boreal


David Yeany II

Conservation Planning Specialist/Ornithologist

Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Program

Western Pennsylvania Conservancy

800 Waterfront Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Office: 412-586-2313
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