Date: 2/6/19 10:48 am
From: Ron Freed <rrfreed...>
Subject: Adams County Grassland Raptors
Pat and I decided to try part of Deb Siefken's WRS route this morning.

We saw several raptors on route to and from the area, but the counts below
are for the following route:

Start at the intersection of Pumping Station/Millerstown Road and Black
Horse Tavern/Red Rock Road.

Turn right on Bigham Road, left on Camp Gettysburg Road.

Right on Pumping Station Road. Left on Cunningham Road.

Left on Schriver Road, Right on Red Rock Road, back to Pumping Station Road.

Total about 9 miles.

Red-tailed Hawks - 13

Red-shouldered Hawks - 4 (two adults and 2 immatures, with one AD and one
IMM calling back and forth nonstop)

Northern Harriers - 2

American Kestrels - 2

Rough-legged Hawk - 1 Light morph (seen north of Pumping Station Road, east
of Bigham Road)

Ron Freed


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