Date: 2/6/19 8:07 am
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Subject: Re: Goldeneyes continue Wilkes-flock swells to 8
There was a flock of about 5 there last year, too.

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Subject: Goldeneyes continue Wilkes-flock swells to 8

The Goldeneyes at Woodfield ponds in Wilkes continued yesterday with the
flock swelling to 8 birds, one of which was a first year male. Striking
was the large size difference between the one male and the 7 females--it
seemed, in the field, through the scope, to be about 25% longer with an
even larger difference in overall bulk.

Also striking was the very well-defined small yellow tip on the end of
each female's bill, set off against the dark black of the rest of the
bill. This contrasted well with the male's all dark bill.

Guy McGrane, Deep Gap, NC

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