Date: 2/5/19 2:55 pm
From: Scott Baily <skbaily...>
Subject: [cobirds] Re: The value of COBIRDS
In the spirit of encouraging further discussion on this post, I'd like to
echo the importance of respect and objectively sharing accurate and timely
information in a venue like this. It's also valuable to have place where
you can ask questions or offer observations for discussion and comment.
There are indeed many fine and interesting examples that illustrate the
value of COBIRDS and similar discussion groups around the country. Whenever
I travel, the local equivalent of COBIRDS is a resource that I try to
locate for prior to arriving.

Dave raises an interesting point about the sense of discovery, and the
potential impact of modern communications upon that. There is no denying
that getting out to look for, and occasionally finding something unusual is
pretty great! Getting back to the value of COBIRDS, so is sharing that
information with others. So I think the two are not mutually exclusive, but
can and should be complementary. Without people taking the initiative to go
out and see what's around, there would be far less information to share
with others. I think it's up to each of us to decide how to pursue - and
hopefully advance - our knowledge and appreciation of the wondrous avian
world. Hopefully everyone can find a balance they are comfortable with!

For what it's worth, that's how I look at it. Cheers,

Scott Baily
Fort Collins

On Monday, February 4, 2019 at 8:29:02 AM UTC-7, Dave Leatherman wrote:
> A while back we had a thread on this listserv about whether COBIRDS should
> continue, the various merits of different social media platforms and
> alerts, etc. This morning so far seems like a great example of why COBIRDS
> should be the premier site for Colorado birding information. We have had
> back-and-forth, very detailed, exchange on listing rules; an up-to-date
> rare bird alert; and wonderful discussion supplemented with photos, video
> and follow-up from another birder of very interesting raven behavior.
> Can't get all that anywhere else.
> There are two things I wanted to add to the thread last year but refrained
> at the time: 1) if any one of us knows any thing about a bird because
> someone else told us, that is a PRIVILEGE, not a right (including whether
> you hear it instantaneously or a month later than the new information was
> learned by the other person), and 2) the absolute best part of birding is
> the SENSE OF DISCOVERY which is at risk of extinction from too much
> detailed intel. To my way of thinking, finding a rare bird by following a
> treasure map is equal in thrill, and in many cases less so, than finding a
> good bird on your own or seeing a common bird doing something you've never
> observed before. May we experience and respectfully share all of these
> categories, and many others, on COBIRDS.
> Dave Leatherman
> Fort Collins

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