Date: 2/5/19 10:01 am
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Subject: [JERSEYBI] Interesting Merlin Sandy Hook
At the Horseshoe Cove walkway spotted a Merlin standing on exposed sand on the north side.  The bird soon flew over the walkway and landed just to the south on a small sand bar (low tide).  For the next 10 minutes the merlin walked or hopped on the sand, mostly in a little rivulet between two bars.  Then it appeared to occasionally drink from the water.  I wondered if some fresh water was seeping out from higher ground near the road.  Finally the merlin made it's way to a larger pool, and began to "bathe," fanning its tail feathers and fluttering its wings.  Suffice it to say I was transfixed.Then the merlin flew up and perched, properly merlin-like, on a telephone pole, before flying off toward the cedar woods.Dave OsterVeronaSent from my Verizon LG Smartphone

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