Date: 2/5/19 8:40 am
From: Jim Arterburn <JIMARTERBURN...>
Subject: Re: Woodcock and Photos and Yellow-rumped Warbler intergrade

Jeff Cox and I had a bird very similar to your bird on January 17. Ours
seems a little farther along in molt, maybe has a little more yellow in
the throat and no white behind the eye and since your bird was seen on
January 27, 10 days later, I wonder if these aren't different bird.
However, my photos were underexposed as the day was very dark and cloudy
while yours are overexposed so it may be the same bird. I do believe
that both birds are intergrades. There were a great number of
Yellow-rumped Warblers around so there could be two intergrades in the
flock. I just worked up my photos and put them on my website for
comparison. See the link to these photos below.



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Subject: Re: Woodcock and Photos

>I suppose I should include the link to my recent gallery :)
>On Sun, Feb 3, 2019 at 8:23 PM Bill Carrell
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>>Hello All,
>>As has been mentioned, saw a single Woodcock at the usual spot near
>>the Oxley entrance. It sat and peent-ed for about two minutes before
>>Also, I have just added January photos to my pbase site. They include
>>some from Cimarron county and SW Oklahoma. From Lake Hefner, a
>>California Gull and a very dark-mantled Lesser Black-Backed that may
>>be a candidate for the intermedius subspecies. And from the Keystone
>>dam area, a possible Myrtle/Audubon's Warbler intergrade.
>>Good Birding,
>>Bill Carrell
>>Tulsa, OK
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