Date: 2/5/19 6:20 am
From: Spike Selig <spikeselig...>
Subject: [IN-BIRD-L] Red-tailed Hawks building nest W of Eagle Creek Golf course, Indy
I videoed a pair of Red-tailed Hawks sitting on and building a nest viewable from the Malachi Catholic Church 750 N West of the Eagle Creek Golf Course, Eagle Creek.  I got videos from about a quarter of mile away to see if they were Westerns but distance made videos inconclusive.  One hawk appeared to be scratching his flank frequently and appeared to have trouble maintaining his balance on a branch. I got permission from property owner and the church to set up a blind near the nest but yesterday, while I was sitting 100' from below the nest, the birds were in the close  area but theydid not visit the nest. I had left binocs in car and no way to varyfy Eastern or Western.
The adult light morph Western Red-tail is still using the field NW of the Church.  On the 10 of this month it will have been there for 4 months.  I have many videos cuts of the bird now but have waited to post videos until I see if it finds a mate to nest. Heavy rain tomorrow makes this difficult.
Sunday after the EC bird hike get-together, A flock of about 150 Snow Geese flew over the ice skating pond. This might be a high count for Eagle Creek Park forever, though a common sight at Goose Pond.  Snows were flying South though Vs of Canadas were flying in all directions for the entire afternoon.
Yesterday, at the long pond behind Malachi Church, 2 Killdeer showed up. None had been reported in the EC area since late last fall before the Christmas Count.

If you want to see the Light Morph Western, take 750 N  West from Raceway road, when you get out of the housing area, look left at start of corn field, Look way to the riht (North) at the tree line on edge of field (1/4 mile). Look at Northern top of white tall silo. As you pas silo look in tree in cornfield (N side of road). Bird sits in woods with house in it to west of silo.  Before you get to large Malachi Church, bird sits on NE corner of large woods.  New nest is SW of and in sight of Malachi Church.. I talked to Church School in S building and let them know there might be birders there looking for the hawk. The nest is on a church members  corn field. The house owner on other side of Creek 700 N said he would talk with property owners in area so all knew what we were doing. Vary nice person.
The only other place the Light morph Western visits is the SW corner of 700N and Raceway across from Golf Course.  You should be able to find the bird. He is red adult tail with heavy black belly streaks and white upper chest. shows no Reddish color shown in Sibley's Larger field guide book.
Western looks exactly like picture in below in flight. In flight, the bird could be easily be misidentified as our common Eastern.

Will publish videos on WRT shortly..

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