Date: 2/4/19 9:58 pm
From: Ken Hoesterey via Groups.Io <kenbee60=<>
Subject: [sbcobirding] Heermann's gull juvenile reporting on eBird, lack of
Hi all

Heermann's gulls have in the recent past suffered some colony failures and in a couple of years fledged very few babies. They nest on a few Mexican islands and conditions can go either way for them.
Looking at the flocks as they moved back up the coast we could see maybe one or two juveniles among flocks of 30-80 adults, for several years.
This year it sure looks better for them.
I saw a flock of about 45 last week on Carp beach by the Carp Creek outlet that contained 15 juveniles, Yay!
The next day a similar sized, and maybe the same flock was resting at the Goleta Beach outlet with about 30 Brown pelicans...and the same 15ish juveniles.
Yesterday was two pair adult and juveniles, today just one adult at Goleta Beach outlet.
Scanning ebird reports I see some people have reported some large flocks along the south coast in the last couple of weeks...but few noted any were juveniles.
What I noticed about the Goleta beach juveniles were that several stayed in close proximity to an adult, would stay near them, follow them, fly and land with I am assuming those are this year's fledglings. Last years are going to be there as well, subtle plumage differences can be discussed, haha...
In my opinion we should perhaps still be counting and reporting the juveniles for this species since there was a call for such in the last few years for Citizen Science to do so, I am surprised to not see such reporting from the usual ebird reporters.
I did not report these to ebird and still could of they wander north perhaps others will report the juveniles.
I could not say for sure the same flock I saw was all the way to Goleta from Carp in one day. I would expect them to have languished for some while at the always popular with Heerman's gulls SB harbor/Mission Creek could be, or not the same flock. I did not want to double report.
Perhaps the local ebird report monitor could pitch in here about reporting juvenile Heermann's gulls?
 Whatever, it sure is nice to see some healthy youngins in this beautiful and graceful species.
Ken Hoesterey

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