Date: 2/4/19 9:10 pm
From: <rebecca.fenning...>
Subject: [LACoBirds] Lucy's Warbler - N. Weddington Park, Toluca Lake
It looks like the Lucy's Warbler has returned to North Weddington
Recreation Center in Toluca Lake again this February. I made a quick stop
on my way home this afternoon and was looking for something else when it
basically landed right near me. I got some poor but identifiable photos (, but it's a small, very active
gray warbler with a light gray/white belly, faint white eyering, and white
undertail. The rump is rufous, but hard to see in person - it's obvious in
photos though. I didn't notice any rufous on the crown.

It was in the same general area as last year, in the north section of the
park (about 34.146007, -118.368131 -- at the chain link fence bordering the
river channel, right near the eucalyptus with the caution tape). Last year,
it was originally in a weedy area right on the other side of the fence with
Lesser Goldfinches and Bushtits; today it was alone and mostly on the
freeway side of the river (there are very few flowering plants or grasses
on the park side of the river so far this year). I only saw it because it
perched two different times on the fence next to the caution tape tree, and
I was able to track it back across the river.

Good birding,
Rebecca Marschall
Valley Village

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