Date: 2/4/19 6:03 pm
From: Rudolph Keller <rckeller...>
Subject: iceland, glaucous gulls, berks
It has been an interesting winter for gulls at Blue Marsh L. in Berks
County. A first winter Glaucous Gull was there 1/28, a dark imm. Thayer's
type Iceland Gull on 2/3 and a much lighter imm. Iceland Gull today, 2/4.
All these are described in eBird reports. Besides those rarities, we've seen
more than the usual number of Lesser Black-backed Gulls and recently a few
Great Black-backed Gulls. As usual, the most abundant gull is Ring-billed
(up to 5000 counted some days, but not that many recently) and more than the
usual number of Herring Gulls, with local birders commenting on the large
number of brown immatures present. Most of my eBird reports get flagged for
high numbers of Herrings, sometimes in the hundreds. If you go, try State
Hill Boat Launch in mid- to late afternoon, when gulls arrive for the night
and afternoon light streaming over your shoulder really helps in identifying
the gulls out on the ice. Scope necessary. E. J. Breneman Quarry, just over
the hill from the lake, has lots of handsome ducks to look at if you get
tired of gulls.
Rudy Keller
Boyertown, PA
Berks County
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