Date: 2/4/19 4:43 pm
From: Dave Brooke <davbrooke...>
Subject: Short-eared Owl, Armstrong Co.
I covered several roads in the Worthington area of Armstrong County that I
thought could be habitat for Short-eared Owls. After checking the fields
off of Deer Run Rd north of Rt. 422 and Fox Hollow Rd south, I drove down
Green Acres Rd, which bisects large rolling farm fields. I saw a
Short-eared Owl fly low over the south side of the fields while making it's
distinctive 'kee-ow' barking call. It made several passes before flying
over a hill and out of sight. This happened at 6:05pm, which is the end of
Civil Twilight for this date.

Dave Brooke
Allegheny Co.
DDB Photography <>
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