Date: 2/4/19 12:27 pm
From: Marilyn Westphal <mjwestph...>
Subject: Chickadees
Mark and I walked the parkway from Courthouse Valley overlook to Devil's
Courthouse (the road is still closed) just to see what was up there at this
time of year. As expected not much, but we did have 3-4 chickadees near
view Mt Hardy Overlook that were singing the Black-capped song and also had
more Black-capped features and slower dee-dee-dee notes. Not unusual to
find them up there the rest of the year, but it makes me wonder if they
stay up there all winter too. That would probably preclude any time mixing
with Carolina Chickadees. Elevation there is around 5400 feet. Only other
birds up there were a Downy Woodpecker, a Brown Creeper, a Turkey Vulture,
and a couple of Common Ravens.
Also had a couple of Bald Eagles, an adult and a probable second year bird,
living the good life at a trout farm along 215 on the way back home.
Watched the adult easily swoop down and grab one of the fish and take it
over to a grassy area nearby.

Marilyn Westphal
Hendersonville, NC

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