Date: 2/4/19 8:51 am
From: Stratford, Jeff <0000012727f85135-dmarc-request...>
Subject: New grad program in ornithology
Are you deciding where to attend college? Do you know someone who is?

Want to study birds? Of course, you do!

I am the Director of a newly organized ornithology program at Oregon State
University in Corvallis, Oregon. In Corvallis, we have more than 30
PhD-level ornithologists, most of whom focus on field ornithology,
conservation and ecology.

Our ornithology program emphasizes hands-on experiential learning and we
currently offer 7 bird classes, more than any program in the country.

Imagine going to college and getting to take a bird class every year,
starting with your freshman year!

If you’re a birder, we are the place for you. Oregon has more than 535
species, a super active eBirding community, and a huge diversity of amazing
habitats and natural areas from the Pacific Ocean to the top of Mount Hood.

If you just love birds and want to study their behavior or work to conserve
them, we have a top-rated group of professors and graduate students who can
help you.

Please check our web page and consider joining us at OSU. We’re the FLOCK!

All the best,
Dr. Douglas Robinson
Mace Professor of Watchable Wildlife
Director, OSU FLOCK
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