Date: 2/3/19 4:50 pm
From: Wim van Dam <wim.van.dam...>
Subject: Re: [sbcobirding] Goleta wetlands, Sunday
On my more recent visits to Goleta Sanitary Plant I noticed that the number
of Canada Goose there seems to be dropping significantly the past year. I
would not be surprised if SB Airport has something to do with that.


On Sun, Feb 3, 2019 at 4:14 PM Dave Compton <davcompton60...> wrote:

> I hit many of the same spots Nick did over the past couple of days, to get
> an idea of what the water birds are doing after the big rain Saturday
> morning.
> The only addition of even minor note was that this afternoon I saw a
> female COMMON GOLDENEYE at North Campus Open Space. My Blue-winged Teal
> count at Area K yesterday was about 10, and I suspect there were more than
> that. There were reasonably good numbers of gulls at NCOS, Goleta Beach,
> and Goleta Slough in one of the basins (B/C) northeast from Area K. But, as
> Nick said, nothing unusual.
> I did want to comment on NCOS. The restoration here has added a new
> element to water bird occurrence. In the past, it would attract some geese
> and maybe some large shorebirds. But now, if you want to check on the
> shorebirds or the ducks around Devereux, a trip around to NCOS will be
> necessary to know what's going on. More habitat, more birds, more birding.
> And a comment on geese in Goleta. I could find only a handful of geese,
> despite looking for them all over Goleta the past two days. Looks like
> recent eBird reports haven't had more than 30 Canadas anywhere, and it's
> been a while since anyone has reported Ross's or Greater White-fronted.
> Dave Compton
> Santa Barbara
> On Sun, Feb 3, 2019 at 3:26 PM Nick Lethaby <nlethaby...> wrote:
>> I did a quick tour of LLC, Goleta Beach, Area K, Stork Field, and
>> Devereux late morning. Didn't use a scope to properly check any of them.
>> LLC is getting nicely full, but still well short of the overflow level. If
>> the overflow pond actually gets full, then I will declare the drought over.
>> Area K has lots of water as do the surrounding areas.
>> Gull variety was similarly disappointing to Ocean Beach yesterday with no
>> GW, Herring, or Thayer's, and just a couple of hybrids. I didn't check the
>> gull flock on NCOS closely, but there was nothing obviously good.
>> Area K and the surrounding ponds had a nice variety of ducks including 4
>> BW Teal. These were probably the most interesting birds I saw.
>> --
>> Nick Lethaby
>> Goleta, CA
>> <nlethaby...>
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