Date: 2/3/19 3:14 pm
From: Tom Kuehl <tjk.kuehl...>
Subject: WRS - Somerset County
Our 16th running of this short North Central route through Somerset County
that runs from the Cambria County line in Windber to Buckstown on Rt. 30
(near the Flight 93 Memorial). It includes what you would think of as good
WRS farm and reclaimed strip mine habitat, but today, as has been the
history for this route, not many raptors. It lies between Laurel Ridge and
the Allegheny Front, so have often thought that the hash high-elevation
conditions accounts for the numbers being lower than what we get on our
routes further west on the Plateau. Today just 7 Red-tailed Hawks, a low
count however actually just one below average. No other raptor species
observed today; we never get many but the average has been 1.5 per year.

We had 5 Common Ravens and 3 Pileated Woodpeckers during the route. Also,
after completing the Route we drove the Flight 93 Memorial as we have had
Rough-legged Hawks and Snow Buntings in the past, alas just 2 RT's observed
there today.

County - Somerset

Date - 2/3/19

Observers- Tom and Janet Kuehl

Total time actually surveying Hours: 2 Minutes- 2

Start time 10:32am /End time 12:55pm (stopped for a quick lunch)

Miles on route 38.3

Red-tails- Total = 7 Ad. 2 /Imm. /ND 5

Avg Temp.- 48F

Sky- Largely Clear at the start, and then mostly Cloudy after 11am

Wind - Light

Avg Snow cover depth - 1 to 2 inches

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