Date: 2/3/19 1:25 pm
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Subject: [JERSEYBI] Becker Tract, cont.
After enjoying the Goshawk, I ambled up the main trail at the BT.  Near the top, where the trail flattens out, were numerous small pools of meltwater.  I noticed a lot of bird activity around these pools, and stopped.  Glad I did.Over the next 15 minutes I watched a couple dozen birds bathing and drinking the water.  Mostly white-throated sparrows, but also song and at least 2 fox sparrows.  3 cardinals (2 male, 1 female) were persistent bathers, and a lone cedar waxwing dropped in twice.  At one point the waxwing and a fox sparrow were jostling for possession of one of the pools.Then the birds seemed to melt away, and all was quiet.  I was lucky to have happened upon the scene at just the right time.Dave OsterVeronaSent from my Verizon LG Smartphone

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