Date: 2/3/19 9:19 am
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Subject: Re: rye grain question
Copied from the Penn State Extension website...

Many feed stores and specialty stores sell a birdseed mix whose content allows you to provide a variety of seed in one place. When purchasing a mix, look at the seed content. All seed is not alike, and birds can tell the difference among seeds. Some of the inexpensive commercial mixes contain items such as wheat, milo, hulled oats, rice, and rye seed that are not attractive to birds. If you have used these mixes in the past, you may have noticed how the birds sorted through the mix, selecting the seeds they preferred and discarding the rest.

Looks like you’d just be feeding the local rodents. I’d chuck it if I were you.

Sue Schmoyer
Kutztown, Berks County

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> Does anyone know the answer here?
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> Does anyone know if my backyard birds can eat rye grains. I use to make my own bread but no longer do so and was going to toss it for the birds but thought I( would ask first
> Thanks
> Alane Lehigh County
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