Date: 2/2/19 6:03 pm
From: Ricky Davis (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Interesting Swan in Edgecombe County

I was checking out the Tundra Swan flock that is in the big field complex along NC 42 east of the NC 33 intersection and west of Conetoe today. I noted one that had a large amount of yellow on the bill. This was way more yellow than on any Tundra Swan that I have ever seen. The yellow on the upper mandible extended from just before the nostril up to the base of the bill. The front edge of the yellow was rounded, not pointed. The bird was the same size as the other swans it was with. I was using a scope as the birds were quite a ways away in the middle of the field.

I am just alerting anyone that might be in the area, to take a look. Needless to say, a very unusual Tundra Swan that seems to “fit the bill” for a possible “Bewick’s” Tundra Swan. We need to get better looks at this bird, I was not able to see if any leg bands were present which would obviously mean an escape. Also no photo was obtained.

If you decide to go and find it, be sure to use a scope from the roadside as this field is posted and the land owner (who I talked to today) would not be happy with people going into the field.

Later, Ricky

Ricky Davis
Rocky Mount, NC

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