Date: 2/2/19 4:57 pm
From: Sandra Keller <sandrakeller...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] the Cumberland eagle festival - my thoughts
Was a great success as always! It started slow - we figure the weather. The black ice on the roads, the cold….
It picked up inside at mid morning. Thanks everyone for stopping and say “hi”! I love to catch up with people!
So, yacking, talking about Natural Lands, and buying stuff. Always a good morning.

Had to make a Wawa stop - windshield washer fluid more than anything. Bad thing to run out of…. I had
6 Red-shouldered Hawks at various spots as I ate lunch and explored. Good year breeding? Some migrants
from the fall lingering? I couldn’t hit Brett’s presentation at the fire hall. Timing…..

I was at Beaver Dam from 2:00 til 4:20 or so. I showed many people that huge nest! The adult Eagle on
the nest was puny. A Great Blue Heron and Hooded Mergs put on a show. They were taking advantage of
open areas - still half frozen there. And 60 degrees on Tues???? Really????

I received lots of questions. Most I could answer! One in particular I looked up on BNA - Birds of North America.
And this doesn’t answer the “why”, but interesting. Basically, why do Bald Eagles keep adding to their nest
every year? Yes. And make it too big and maybe topple the tree, etc.

"Construction Process
Both sexes contribute, although female may place the sticks. Sticks collected from ground of surrounding area for building materials or broken off of nearby trees. One pair in Ohio carried sticks from up to 1.6 km to the nest site (Herrick 1932 <>). Once initiated, nest-building may take up to 3 mo to complete, although nests may be completed in as little as 4 d (Herrick 1933 <>). Additional materials regularly added to the nest throughout the year, including daily additions during the breeding season (Gerrard and Bortolotti 1988 <>), such that nests used for multiple years may achieve enormous dimensions.” If I see anything else on the why behind this, I’ll post.

Good birding all! Maybe a Feb. butterfly come Tues. But I am planning on Manasquan at present. Wouldn’t that be neat - a razorbill
and hopefully the Pacific Loon again in 60 degree weather!

Sandra Keller

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