Date: 2/2/19 9:27 am
From: Joan Detyna <jdetyna...>
Subject: Re: [JERSEYBI] Pine Warblers
Speaking of armchair birding, in my yard yesterday I observed some
interesting behavior I had never seen before.

First, a Sapsucker situated herself on the sunny side of the trunk of a Pin
Oak tree, tucked her head into her shoulders, fluffed out her feathers and
stayed that way for over an hour. She moved away very fast though when a
HUGE Red-shouldered Hawk flew close by.

Later, a Flicker did the same tree-hugging, feather-fluffing, head tucking
thing for over an hour in the spot in the same tree.

It was obviously an attempt to keep warm. Has anyone ever seen this
behavior in Woodpeckers?

Today I had two beautiful Fox Sparrows in my yard. They were with an adult
and a mature White-crowned Sparrow and the usual White-throats, Juncos,
Jays and Cardinals. Two-or maybe three Red-shouldered Hawks have also been
spending time in my yard for the past few weeks.

Joan Detyna
Ringoes (southern Hunterdon County), NJ

On Fri, Feb 1, 2019 at 5:26 PM Stuart <weluvowls...> wrote:

> Jerseybirders
> Enjoyed some armchair birding late this morning. Was watching the
> Carolina Wren feeding on the suet when a Pine Warbler showed up which
> was a nice surprise. It fed a little and then flew away but returned
> shortly thereafter.
> While watching it a second Pine Warbler arrived at the suet and knocked
> the other Piney off. This happened twice and did not see them again. One
> Piney was rather drab and the other had some nice yellow coloring in its
> face and chest. Hairy WP has been regular visitor and Red-Breasted
> Nuthatch has been an irregular visitor. Our local Song Sparrow even
> investigated the suet for the first time today. It appears that our
> Goldfinches are beginning to take on a yellowish hue especially in the
> face and upper chest. Can Spring be far behind ?
> Good birding and good weekend,
> Wendy Malmid
> Monroe Twp, NJ
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