Date: 2/1/19 6:56 pm
From: Jeffrey Blalock (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: CBC Membership Directory
Greetings all

Some of you may not know that the Carolina Bird Club has a great tool on line that as members of the CBC you can use to contact fellow birders to find out information about Rare Birds or where to Access Hotspots. Because today again I wanted to bird a new Hotspot for me in Guilford Co but Goggle map only took me to a residential area because it was the closest to the location of the marker for the Hotspot this is why I believe the locations should be place in a center of a park or at a parking area for a trail and not in the middle of a lake.

But now let’s return to this great tool at our disposal, it is an on line Member Directory that is available for members only of the CBC and you have to be signed into the CBC website to use it.

It provides you the choice to provide both your email address and you phone numbers

Why a Birder doesn’t provide this info to other birders is a puzzle to me as I have always been willing and gladly help other birds in any way I can to help them find the birds they are looking for. Besides by helping them find the bird you are helping reduce our carbon impact on the planet because they may be able with your help find the bird the first time and don’t have to try multiple times thus saving them money and helping the planet at the same time.

There use to be an ABA Directory for this purpose and I used it a few times over the years before we all went on the web.

There are simple rules to follow be polite and remember to call at a decent hour keeping in mind the difference in time zones and be Very Thankful for their help and offer your services to them.

If you provide you cell number and someone becomes an annoying caller you can always block their number.

So my suggestion is to log into the CBC website go to Members and Directory and set up your info. Let’s help each other where we can.

Good Birding Always

From my iPhone

May God Bless and Keep You

Jeff Blalock
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