Date: 2/1/19 3:38 pm
From: Rob Fergus <birdchaser...>
Subject: 2019 Delaware County Birding Challenge--January Update
88 bird species have been reported to eBird so far this year in Delaware County. In the total species category, (Categories—Bronze 100 species, Silver 150 species, Gold 200 species) the highest total so far is 57 species. In the total eBird checklist category (Categories—Bronze 100 county eBird checklists, Silver 200 checklists, Gold 300 checklists) the highest number of checklists so far is 50.

In the yard birding category, for total species the highest total so far is Lathrop Nelson with 25 species, and for total eBird checklists the highest total so far is Regina Hildwine with 31 checklists.

For comparison sake, last year at the end of January birders had reported a total of 89 species in Delaware County. There haven’t been any real rarities reported in the county so far this year (though John Zygmunt’s wintering Black-throated Blue Warbler is a bit of an eye-popper). The best birds have probably been locally uncommon wintering species such as American Tree Sparrow, Long-tailed Duck, Tundra Swan, and Canvasback. After making a solid appearance earlier in the winter, Purple Finches and Pine Siskins have been hard to come by, and there haven’t been any reports of Evening Grosbeaks yet this year.

Also for comparison, this January in nearby (and more heavily covered—sigh!) Philadelphia County, birders have reported 118 species (better than last year’s 109), with Patrick McGill already logging 98 species in eBird.

So get out and bird Delaware County and submit your checklists to eBird. If you live in DelCo but haven’t registered your yard on eBird, go ahead and do that too! By the end of February last year there had been 100 species reported in the county, so let's see if we can stay on track or even supersede that this coming month. More birders out birding=more birds=more fun for everyone!

Rob Fergus
Wallingford, PA
Birding Club of Delaware County

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