Date: 2/1/19 12:39 pm
From: Maeve Kim <maevulus...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] swarms of buntings and their friends!
Thanks to everyone who posted info about the flocks near Little Chicago Road in Ferrisburgh! Today we watched an astonishing number of birds on two big piles covered with tires, near the intersection of Little Chicago and Walker Road. The twittering birds stayed in the area for almost an hour, giving us time to count and get some photos. There were at least 220 Snow Buntings (the largest number I’ve ever seen, by a long shot!), almost 150 Horned Larks, and a scattering of Lapland Longspurs. The birds often pickedi up small things from the snow and even from the tire treads. Other times they simply stood and seemed to soak up the sun. We wondered if the sun on the dark tires was one of the attractions of that location. Gorgeous sight!
Maeve Kim
Jericho Center
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