Date: 2/1/19 11:03 am
From: Patricia Velte <pvelte...>
Subject: February Migration Report
Hello OKBirders,

Below is the migration information for February.


Blue-winged Teal February 20 - NW, SW, C, SC, NE, SE

Cinnamon Teal February 20 - C, SC, NE, NW, SW

Turkey Vulture February 16 - PAN, NW, SW, C, NE

Lesser Yellowlegs February 19 - SW, SE

Sandhill Crane February 22 - PAN, C, SC, NE

Fish Crow February 15 - C west to Payne,
Oklahoma, Cleveland and McClain cos only, SC Pontotoc, Johnston and Marshall
cos only

Purple Martin February 26 - NW, SW, C, SC, NE, SE

Tree Swallow February 26 - SC, NE, SE

American Pipit February 26 - PAN

Sprague's Pipit February 28 - ALL


Northern Goshawk February 26 - PAN

The information presented here comes from The Oklahoma Bird Records
Committee of the Oklahoma Ornithological Society, which publishes a Date
Guide to the Occurrences of Birds in Oklahoma. This booklet divides Oklahoma
into 7 geographic regions, and lists the normal dates of occurrence for each
Oklahoma bird species within each region. Observers are urged to report
unusual species, or birds out of date or out of normal range in Oklahoma,
based on the information given in this publication.

The Oklahoma Ornithological Society and Oklahoma Bird Records Committee web
_QNz8kY9xkVcIXMGe3x8InG4YduLDOTGoQ&e=> , includes ordering information for
the Date Guide to the Occurrences of Birds in Oklahoma, information on
documenting significant records, documentation forms, instructions, and a
searchable database for Oklahoma bird migration information. Birders are
cordially invited to join the Oklahoma Ornithological Society.

Happy birding!

Pat Velte

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Oklahoma City, OK

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