Date: 1/31/19 7:55 am
From: Rob Blye <rwblye...>
Subject: Feeders in the frigid weather, ChesCo in PA and Sussex in DE
Our efforts at feeding and providing water to the birds finally paid off
today with our first siskin and a fox sparrow that we have seen on and off
all winter. Siskin is eating nyjer with its goldfinch buddies and the fox
sparrow scratches under a tube feeder and got a drink from the flowing
freshwater in our "bird stream". It requires an electric heater to keep
the water moving on days like today but virtually all our yard birds will
visit today for a drink. We have had a pine warbler and hopefully it will
show on the suet today.

While we were in northern Chester County we had much activity at our
feeders almost every day. Here in southern Delaware the birds only hit the
feeders hard in frigid or rainy weather. I interpret this to indicate that
in Delaware there is less cold stress and more natural food than in PA. Or
perhaps more feeders for the birds to choose from . We were the only family
in a half mile to feed in PA and everyone in our current development has

Trying to stay warm in Lewes. I would be trying even harder if still in PA.


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