Date: 1/30/19 3:14 pm
From: Sandra Keller <sandrakeller...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Todays car birding
Well, it was 25 with 31 mph nw winds when I got to Salem. I wasn't about
to get out of the car unless i saw a Snowy Owl. One of my goals. They are
moving now. That would be a county bird. Loads of snow geese around.
Only they were all in flight. No Ross's in the close flocks. Mannington
was the only spot I hit in Salem that was birdy. Water was still mostly open.
That could change by thursday though! Nothing out of the ordinary. But again,
I didn't leave my nicely heated car!

Good birding all. And stay warm!

As a note - since I thought everyone knew already - the Maine Great Black
Hawk is probably not going to make it. Sad. It's body is just not meant for
winter. It needs the tropics. For more info, search for Avian Haven, Maine.
They are doing their best to give the bird a chance!

Sandra Keller

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