Date: 1/30/19 2:42 pm
From: Cin and Bill kobak via CTBirds <ctbirds...>
Subject: [CT Birds] Turkeys/RT Hawk interaction
Our four turkey hens who visit under our feeders twice a day (or more) have
now added another hen. But the five were absent from the yard when the
resident Red-shouldered Hawk began feeding on the opossum carcass we left in
our back yard a few days ago. They were initially curious to the point of
being obsessive about the carcass, eyeing it, circling it, not spending any
time feeding on seed. Once the hawk and Turkey Vultures showed up, the
turkeys stopped visiting.

They were back this morning, but now their obsession was the Red-tailed Hawk
that had dragged the remains of the carcass into our back woods. The turkeys
approached the hawk, which stood on the carcass and continued feeding. One
turkey rushed the hawk at one point and all the hawk did was drag the
carcass further away. The turkeys and hawk hung out together for about a
half hour until the turkeys came back down into the yard to pick at seed.
And though the turkeys never seemed agitated, their faces did turn a
brighter red during their visit with the hawk. What fascinating behavior!

Later in the day, the RT Hawk tried, unsuccessfully, to fly off with the
last bits of carcass. As it flew/dragged the carcass through the woods, a
Turkey Vulture followed it, and two Common Ravens perched in the trees
above. This opossum has attracted a whole lot of attention and fed a good
number of birds.

Cin and Bill Kobak

North Guilford

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