Date: 1/29/19 4:43 pm
From: Ian Worley <iworley...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] Song Sparrows the last couple of weeks in the Champlain Basin
Today Spencer Hardy reported 4 Song Sparrows from Hawkins Road in
Ferrisburgh in Addison County, with this comment "Widespread and
abundant along the roads in the past week or two."

That got me wondering if that was unusual or not.  Using a search tool
that eBird reviewers have I checked the number of occurrences of Song
Sparrows in past years for the combined counties of Franklin, Grand
Isle, Chittenden, and Addison during the period of January 15-29.  These
are the four counties I review.

The results ---

2019    27
2018      4
2017      3
2016      4
2015    24
2014      1
2013      2
2012      4
2011      2
2010      1

Feast or famine, it looks like.  And Spencer was right!

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