Date: 1/29/19 12:04 pm
From: Marge <marvantassel...>
Subject: Rough-legged Hawks in Worthington and others in (Armstrong County)
Great to see the "winter" hawks return to this lovely countryside. Several
of us have been seeing both the light and the dark phase Rough-legged Hawks
in this area altho' both have also been seen near Dayton, another section
of Armstrong County (thanks to Higbees and Anna Donato). I have, in the
past, seen both phases in Worthington as I know a few others who don't
post;have and yesterday I had a light phase while Dave Brooke had a dark
phase having already had the light one on Saturday;;and Mark McConaughy.
had a light one here and an even greater find of the immature Golden Eagle
on his winter raptor survey that perhaps was same eagle that had been
observed and photographed by Sam Gutherie and Alan Buriak, says a lot about
this county in my opinion also considering the Snowy owl that was here some
6-7 years ago...but it also leads me to believe that perhaps more eyes and
ears are exploring and enjoying Armstrong County. Keep it up folks and
Marge Van Tassel
Armstrong County
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