Date: 1/29/19 7:09 am
From: Wanda <wandadameron2...> [LACoBirds] <LACoBirds-noreply...>
Subject: [LACoBirds] Unique Grebe FYI
Dear Kimball,

At Ballona Lagoon yesterday, I saw a Least Grebe.   Yes, I know it is
not an expected bird in so Cal as first saw it in TX many years ago
and further south where a bit more common!    It was swimming in a
small patch of shady open water on the north side near a larger
Coot.    What caught my attention was this small quite dark bird with
a yellow eye and a small all blackish pointed bill making the head
seemed more rounded than a Pie-billed.   The bird was all quite
dark/blackish with extensive brown in the flanks/side area.

I had decided not to continue w/the Mon. Birders (SWBSC) group of 7 as
they neared the spot to drop south to circle the main lagoon.   I was
birding slowly back west toward the cars.   As it swam west from a
shady open space to the far side of some rushes, 3 other birders
coming late approached, however it had disappeared behind the rushes
before they got a look just as a larger obvious Pie-billed came in
from the east.   A boat came through the area from the southeast then
parallel to the fence behind the rushes. I hung in this area and
another open spot just to the west for around half an hour hoping for
another view w/o success.    It was located around half way on the
north side in a somewhat open spot where part of the topmost boards
had been replaced.  Also look for a small patch of open water on the
left back w/more open water further back & east, w/rushes from the
near middle going right.


Wanda Dameron

San Fernando Valley

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