Date: 1/29/19 5:37 am
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Subject: Re: Over-wintering Golden Eagle in Armstrong County
Long before Trish, Mike, & Todd et al's. work golden eagles were
periodically observed during winter in more northern Counties of PA,
especially at deer dumps. I remember chatting with both WCOs and
local foresters up around Quehanna Wild Area, during my early years at
Audubon PA (late 1990s) who told me about a deer dump in the area
frequented by goldens back then.

Carlisle PA

Quoting DNADEB <dsg4...>:

> You may already be aware of the following but others may not. Trish
> Miller did her dissertation on Golden Eagles and her work and others
> well over a decade has shown GOEA overwinter in PA and other sites
> in the Appalachians.
> She, Lanzone, Katzner and others have published their work in journals.
> Here is one non-scientific article.
> Upcoming talk unfortunately not close.
> Finding a Golden Eagle overwintering in Armstrong County may be a
> first and of great interest to those who have been monitoring them.
> Deb Grove.
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>> On Jan 28, 2019, at 11:48 PM, Alan Buriak <a_buriak...> wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> An interesting thing to share... A subadult Golden Eagle was found
>> by Sam Gutherie back on November 20th in the Shay area of Armstrong
>> County hunting the fields around Ardale Rd. The bird was well
>> observed and photographed on the 20th and 21st by Sam and by
>> myself, however despite later attempts by several additional
>> birders, it was never seen after November 21st. At that time it
>> seemed perfectly reasonable that the bird had simply made a rare
>> migration stopover in an area usually considered to be west of the
>> normal migration routes, and that it had moved on and continued its
>> southward journey. Incredibly, today, Mark McConaughy, while
>> running his winter raptor survey route, encountered and
>> photographed an immature Golden Eagle on Rt 2020 east of Garrett's
>> Run Rd, which would be only about a mile away from the Ardale Rd
>> location from November. The assumption of course is that this is
>> the same Golden Eagle that we had observed just before
>> Thanksgiving, and that this bird indeed has chosen this area of
>> Armstrong County to over-winter! How common is it for a Golden
>> Eagle to over-winter in Pennsylvania? I had always assumed that
>> they probably did, however only in the central ridge areas of the
>> state.
>> Good birding,
>> Alan Buriak
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