Date: 1/28/19 6:12 pm
From: Sandra Keller <sandrakeller...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Rarity chasing and monthly birds - what a day!
Everyone should know by now that I keep a lifetime state monthly
excel chart. I wasn't expecting too much after January got cold! So
I was wrong. It happens now and then...... I love birding! The birds, the
friends I meet while chasing, the surprises! The cold I could do without.
I went chasing the Barnacle Goose - Jan. bird. Theres also at least 2
Cackling there. Corine Millpond - Monmouth. Ok all you rare geese -
we have big ponds in south Jersey also. Was going to hit Assunpink next.
For the Trumpeters. Figure it was a fairly nice day weather wise.
I am hoping to hear the Trumpeters. Some year. Mr. Weber interrupted
that plan. Big time! David found an adult Townsend's at the Trenton
Sewage Plant. Mercer county. Wow! That plant attracts the birds. Those
migeon things. Only the warblers were in the trees. A couple YR warblers
and a Palm were feeding at the treatment ponds. Maybe all the warblers
head down there now and then for a migeon or 2. Townsends - Jan bird!
The Rough winged Swallows - Jan bird! I think. My chart is behind a bit.
Theres a Pine warbler there also. And a Phoebe. I have those for Jan.
hope everything survives this latest arctic blast.

**** That road at the sewage plant is private. Big groups of birders are being
asked to leave. Supposedly the area between the on ramp and a wire fence
is public. I wouldn't risk scanning from the on ramp.

On the Manasquan. What a nice study of the Pacific Loon! If it sticks, I'll
head up again next week. Not much time to look for alcids. 6 were at the
end of the jetty. Razorbills. We didn't see. We didn't spend much time either.
Getting late and too cold!

Camera notes - I am the world's worst..... I think everyone who tried for a pic
of the Townsend's managed something. Not me! Active bird. I need my
subjects still. Sigh.....

Good birding all!

Sandra Keller

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