Date: 1/28/19 4:46 pm
From: James Pike <jimpike444...>
Subject: Re: [sbcobirding] Vermillion Flycatcher at SMCC
I've spent a lot of time photographing Vermilion Flycatchers in Orange
County this winter, and I want to point out that this interesting bird is
an immature male. It does look similar to an adult female, although one
with a little red on the crown. However, Pyle (1997) does note that some
adult females do "show a few pinkish red feathers on the crown and breast."
Ultimately, what marks this as an immature bird (and, thus an especially
drab male) are the notably pale brown primary coverts, as those feathers
would be dark gray in an adult. Having sat next to Mr Pyle at the recent
CBEC meeting, he confirmed for me that a recently photographed female with
rich yellow flanks wasn't an immature but instead a 'cryptic' adult on the
basis of those telltale dark gray primary coverts. I'm learning that these
Vermilions are trickier than we think.

Jim Pike
Huntington Beach

On Mon, Jan 28, 2019 at 3:57 PM John Deacon <iseekbirds...> wrote:

> All:
> The Santa Maria Country Club was closed today. I had noticed a very large
> number of Ring Necked Ducks there last week when I played golf. I went
> back today to weed through them to see if possibly a Tufted Duck might be
> in the mix. No Tufted Duck but I found a Vermillion Flycatcher near the
> bridge. I also found a Scaup, which I believe is a Lesser, but I listed it
> as Lesser/Greater. A pic is included with the checklist, so if you have
> any input, please let me know. Finally, I found a Merlin dismembering a
> small Passerine.
> The SMCC is adjacent to Waller Park with similar habitats.
> John Deacon

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