Date: 1/28/19 3:38 pm
From: Steve Friend <sjfriend...> [AKBirding] <AKBirding-noreply...>
Subject: [AK Birding] Anchor Point birds
So, been quite a while since my last bird llist.
Above Anchor Point, about 10 miles up North Fork rd.
Gray Jay's (Canada Jays)Stellers Jay (1st to come during winter in 13 years)RavensBoreal ChickadeesĀ Black-capped ChickadeesĀ Red-breasted NuthatchesPine Grosbeaks (16, only half of normal)Pine Siskins (100+, way more then last 7 years)Common Redpoll (only 2!, never this low)Red Crossbills (17, off and on. Coming to feeder)Bald EagleMagpies
No owls heard since Nov?? Of course, not any hares up here either. Also, least amount of snow on ground for this time (less then 8 inches)
SteveAnchor Point

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