Date: 1/27/19 3:18 pm
From: Zachary Millen <zjmillen...>
Subject: Barnacle Goose--Lancaster
A Barnacle Goose was found at Greenfield Estates pond in Lancaster
yesterday afternoon by Roger Stoner. At dawn today I refound the bird at
Brenner Quarry near Lancaster city, where it spent about two hours before
taking off for the day. It was back on the quarry by 2pm in the afternoon.

To view Brenner Quarry, park in a parking space off Circle Ave near the
juvenile intervention center and view from the northeast corner. This
location link can be found on my eBird checklist below. It shouldn't be a
problem, but this quarry is posted and I'm not sure if the center is
considered sensitive by local authorities, so please just be smart and use
discretion when viewing.

Most area geese spend the night at this quarry. Notably, last winter it
attracted at least 5 goose species including Ross's and Greater
White-fronted. Other spots to check for geese during the day include Alcoa
Marsh, Greenfield Estates pond and Beechdale Rd farm pond. I put eBird
links to these hotspots below.

Zach Millen
New Holland
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