Date: 1/27/19 3:07 pm
From: Derb Carter <derbc...>
Subject: Tagged Knots
I had two Red Knots on the beach at a Figure 8 Island this afternoon both tagged with pale green flags with no numerals or letters. I believe this color flag indicates the birds were banded in the US. One of the birds also had a geolocator strapped to one leg above the joint with wide yellow leg band. I watched the birds feed in the surf for about half an hour and the bird with the geolocator definitely appeared somewhat hobbled. It frequently lifted the leg with the geolocator and walked with a slight limp. I took some video through my scope and would like to send to those placing geolocators on knots so they at least are aware. If anyone knows the best place to send the clip please let me know.

Derb Carter

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