Date: 1/27/19 12:57 pm
From: Sarah Fellows <towanda2...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] Snowbirds
We went in search of the snowbirds in Ferrisburg and were not disappointed. It started to snow just as we got to Middletown road,and the wind was gusting but that did not matter at all to the flocks of birds crowding the edges of the roads.
We found 65 plus horned larks right away on Middletown road. On little Chicago road we found flocks of larks and snowbuntings .Starlings dripped from trees. Tree sparrows and juncos were everywhere. 21 species in all! Great snowy birding day!
Crows 52
Turkey 23
Starlings 113
House sparrow 14
Blue jay 5
Pigeon 46
Titmouse 1
Junco 31
Cardinal 7
Bluebird 1
Mourning dove2
Horned lark 66 plus
White crowned sparrow 1
Tree sparrow 22
Robin 19
Snow bunting 104 plus
Flicker 1
Red tail hawk 1
Hairy woodpecker 1
Downy woodpecker6
Chickadee 4

Sally Fellows, Terry Marron , Kit Emory
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