Date: 1/27/19 11:18 am
From: Franklin Haas <fhaasbirds...>
Subject: WRS - Lancaster County NW
Frank & Barb Haas
77.4 Miles
3 Hours
Temp 40
Moderate Wind
No snow cover

14 Black Vulture
48 Turkey Vulture
6 Bald Eagle - 3 Ad: 3 Imm
18 Red-tailed Hawk - all ad.
1 American Kestrel - Male

Other bird of note: Belted Kingfisher.

The number of vultures on this count is dependent on a chicken farm along
the route. In years when they throw out carcasses, we get 90 to 150 --
other years, not. This was a non-chicken year.

The six eagles was a new high (previous 2)
Red-tails were slightly above average.
The lone kestrel was low.

Usually on this count (which we normally run at the end of January) we see
Red-tails pairing up. Not so much this year -- very few pairs.


Frank Haas

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