Date: 1/27/19 9:40 am
From: Marge <marvantassel...>
Subject: Bald Eagle pair on the Kiskiminetas Rirver (Armstrong & Westmoreland Cos.)
Quite a few of us have been seeing Bald Eagles (both adults and immatures)
on either side of the river;;;quite often near the Parks Bend Farm Ind;
Park or down near Lakes Restaurant and Motel;;;and
This morning I spied;one on a tree I have often watched them on ;but did
not stp and coming home from church I pulled over in a driveway that goes
up to a trucking company and watched and took several photos and as I was
taking photos it began to call/cry and chatter as if one was nearby but I
could not see another but it began flying off and I watched another adult
come out of trees behind the bare one the first eagle had been perched
in;;;a snow plow was coming down the drive behind me so i had to leave but
probably would not have been able to get a photo anyway;;quite a few of the
local residents and I are beginning to wonder if rather than it being a
pair from Cooked Crook or Ford City perhaps there is a nest near
Vandergrift or Leechburg (many hillside with many trees close to the river
and a few farms for pickins. The river is flowing freely also while a few
ponds and lakes nearby are frozen);
Marge Van Tassel
Armstrong County
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